What you can expect from us?

We aim to bridge the gap between your business targets and cybersecurity needs, thanks to our experience in different customer environments. Through extensive analysis, permanent learning, and direct exchange, we provide you with effective and manageable security solutions.

Working with us means being challenged in your thinking process. It also implies collaborating face to face or remotely to ensure fitting and future-proved security measures for your organization, manufacturing sites, and production lines.

Our broad experience on technical and management level enables us to support you not only in cyber project management but also in the specifics of our core areas like Identity and Access Management, Security Operation Center, or Vulnerability Management.

Our guiding principles

  • Be critical but constructive in all cybersecurity matters
  • Give time to enjoyable and creative moments to foster out-of-the-box ideas and initiatives
  • Bring the right people with the right skills at the right moment
We want to build a different approach to cybersecurity consulting, both within our team and with our customers

What is driving us?

At BxC, our vision of success is in the long-lasting positive impact we bring to our customers. We aim at generating sustainable changes in your IT and OT environment to enable safe and secure digitalization.
We believe this long-lasting positive impact can be achieved through an honest, direct, and in-depth exchange at eye level.

Our Value Proposition

At BxC, we believe our added value is in the combined roles of architect, mediator, and coach.

Within this overarching role, we are focussing on:

  • Providing cybersecurity insights on technical challenges while keeping in mind the overall IT and cybersecurity strategy

  • Translating business language into technical language and vice versa to foster a better understanding between involved stakeholders

  • Adapting messages between cybersecurity departments, IT and OT, internal stakeholders, and external solution vendors

  • Bringing experience from numerous projects and lessons learned across diverse environments and industries

  • Integrating OT requirements into the IT landscape and enabling IT services to deliver to OT expectations


Designing a long-term strategy, while ensure short-term smart and achievable steps is part of the core expertise of BxC. Jointly with you, we develop the future maturity steps, achievable, progressive, and adapted to your organization.


Technical implementation, transition coordination, and hypercare are sensitive steps where structure, experience, and soft skills are essential. We support along all these steps to eventually achieve functional and secure handover to operations.


In operations, recurring activities require a healthy mix of internal and external service delivery to balance efficiency, security, and production need. We further help you in continuous improvement as part of the next strategy iteration.

Let’s get in touch

  • Are you looking for a partner to help you think about your current challenges and your cybersecurity strategy?

  • You would like a more tangible perspective on your next steps to better grasp your current cybersecurity maturity?

  • You want direct and to-the-point feedback about your cyberstrategy?

  • Are you missing expertise within your organization to design your future OT security architecture?

  • You would like to find a sparring partner to design your security program?

  • Security compliance in IT and OT is one of your pain points and you would like advice?

We believe that our role, as a thinking partner, is to provide direct, unbiased, and systematic challenges to your ideas.
Our experience allow us to help at every step of the process and all across your organization.