Why working with us?

We want to build a team that supports each other and is fully focused on bringing value to our customers. From our past engagements, we learned that hierarchies are sometimes required, but too much hinders people from collaborating freely. We encourage this free collaboration. We want to bring the right skills and new and different approaches together to solve new and existing problems. Together with you, we want to work on new and innovative approaches and engage, collaborate, and form decisions.

Our mission is to build a team with extensive knowledge in securing production facilities with cybersecurity controls in the age of industry 4.0. At BxC, we are developing organizational, process, and technical measures tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Our focus is on protecting our customers’ assets in a time, where increasing connectivity of production lines makes physical protection controls obsolete.

Are you interested in becoming part of our team and develop innovative solutions in the most exciting field for the ongoing industrial revolution? We are eager to meet curious and inspiring characters who want to create something that matters!

If this applies to you, get in contact with us at jobs@bxc-consulting.com

Our Open Positions

Here you find our open positions. Please feel free to apply to them, together with your CV.

Junior Cybersecurity Consultant for I/OT (m/f/d)

Full- or Part-time 30 days Where you want / Customer

If you are coming from education and do not have a lot of experience in cybersecurity yet, we would really like to help you growing in this field. There is a lot to learn and we want to help you learning the right things, following your preferences!

OT Security Expert (m/f/d)

Full- or Part-time 30 days Where you want / Customer

We would like to strengthen our team with experienced people, who would like to work with us on interesting projects and focus on content and solutions. Together, we can help to secure the future of the industry in an ever-changing threat landscape. If you would like to focus on solutions instead of being part of an inflexible process engine, join our team! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your passion!