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  • OT Security Strategy

OT Security Strategy

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Cybersecurity within manufacturing is often perceived as complicated, expensive, and challenging with its manifold number of cross dependencies. With clients, we often encounter similar questions and show how we design, communicate, and implement a manufacturing cybersecurity program that provides real security benefits while avoiding program fatigue.

  • OT Security Assessment

OT Security Assessments

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With increasing digitalization and constantly growing threat landscapes, manufacturing environments are more at risk than ever before. We want to share our lessons learned along these journeys by highlighting, what you should keep in mind when heading out to assess your manufacturing sites.

  • Shifting the Cyber Focus

Shifting the Cyber Focus

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Today, modern cybersecurity tools are among the most frequently discussed topics in the IT and OT security world. They form the foundation of nearly all security domains and are seen by business leaders and the C-Suite as the holy, but expensive, grail to a protected company. In this article, we are evaluating current shortcomings in the IT and OT security domains.

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